BT301 Bench-top / Batch Reflow Oven
    • Real time temperature profile display
    • Android system on multi-core CPU platform
    • 7" touch screen high resolution LCD display
    • Compact design ideal for labs, schools, prototyping and low-volume job shops
    • WiFi temperature profile printing and data storage
    • Real time close loop PID temperature control for leadfree profile
    • Quick Smart programming by rising rate control (degree change per second)
    • Infrared and forced convection combine for efficient lead-free reflow Features



BT301 Bench-top / Batch Reflow Oven
Dynamic Thermal Profile using a Batch Reflow Oven with Android™ Operating System
Match your thermal process specifications for preheat, soak, reflow, and cooling on the first PCB you produce with by using revolutionary new BT301 Batch Reflow Oven. Having the thermal conditions of an inline reflow system in a bench-top unit with a full dynamic thermal process.
BT301 Reflow Oven
BT301 detail

The BT301 is ideal for product development, prototyping, and small series production. Solder profiles are easily set-up and stored through the control app of the BT301’s exclusive hardware control and Android operating system. The dynamic control system takes care of size and complexity of your assembly and makes it a closed loop process, something only large and costly thermal systems can normally offer.

Real-Time dynamic thermal Control via On-Board measuring device
The BT301 has an advanced setting in which you can turn on the real time dynamic process. The unit can then via real-time feedback from the measuring system which is attached at a strategic location on the PCB surface.
The heater control and fan speed is based on the actual temperature measured on the product. The target temperature is equal to the dynamic measuring system temperature and there is no offset, making this a perfect tool for prototyping and small series.


Applicable solder types : Lead-Free and Leaded
PCB holding size : 350 mm x 240 mm
PCB effective heating area : 250 mm x 200 mm
Heating method : Quartz IR & Forced Hot Air Convection
Temperature range : Ambient - 310 °C
Temperature control method : Real time close loop PID temperature control for lead free profile
Warm-up time : approx. 2 min.
Computer control : Build-in dual core CPU on board computer
Display panel : 7" touch screen high resolution LCD display
Temperature control setting : Quick smart profile programming by temperature
rising rate control (degree change per second)
Temperature profile display : Real time temperature profile display
Temp profile printing : WiFi temperature profile printing
Storage : External data storage via WiFi connection
Electrical : 220 V, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz, 30A in peak, average 15A
Power : 6300W
Dimensions : 690 mm L x 470 mm W x 270 mm H
Weight : approx. 68 Kg

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