HD812V6 Pick & Place Machine for LED Board Assembly
    • True 'Vision On the Bottom Vision Aligment
    • Fiducial recognition and coordinate correction
    • Assembles LED boards up to 1200 mm long in a single pass (option for 1800mm long)
    • Positive air puffing at the pick-up nozzle ensures release of 'sticky' LED components during placement
    • Large working platform allows multiply PCB production in one stage (for same type of PCB)
    • Uninterrupted production by auto-selection for alternative when feeder is empty
    • High-precision ballscrew drive
    • Tape feeder allows tape connection to minimize production interruption
    • Heavy-duty welded frame provides stability for precision placements even at high speeds
    • Option Teflon® nozzles available for sticky LED components; customized nozzles available on request
    • Multi heads for high placement rates


Non-contact alignment algorithms performed during head travel Single pass assembly LED nozzle Applicable for various LED


Heavy-duty welded, uni-body steel frameHeavy-duty welded, uni-body steel frame provides stability for precision placements even at high speeds. Bottom Vision Aligment systemUpward-aimed true 'Bottom Vision' Alignment cameras on the pick & place heads allow easy set-up for a wide range of LED components. Support various PCB board typeSupport various PCB board type, includes, LED boards up to 1200 mm long (or option to 1800mm), flexible PCB , or circular PCB. Support various LED componentsBottom Vision Aligment on various LED components as well as SMDs. Teflon® nozzles also available for sticky LED components. User friendly Windows-based softwareWith simply parameters inputs, the Windows-based software calculate the component coordination automatically. UCAD software (option)UCAD® universal CAD import and conversion for direct transfer of PCB data from ASCII, AutoCAD and Excel data formats. Software toolsSoftware tools analyze placement data and component mix to provide optimum feeder arrangement that minimizes head travel and tool changes. Real time monitoring screenReal time monitoring screen for previewing production progress, production speed and production quantity during production.


Max. board size : 300 × 1200mm (standard), 300 × 1200mm (option conveyor)
Board thickness : 0.2mm to 3mm
Board loading method : Working stage (option conveyor)
In line production : Supported by option conveyor system
Board fixing principle : Magnetic fixture (option conveyor)
XY axis drive mechanism : X axis: placement head; Y axis: board transport
Alignment principle : Fast Capture Bottom Camera
No. of placement heads : 6
Placement rate : 30 000 / hour
Feeding capacity : Max. 16 feeder ports (8mm tape)
Placement accuracy : +/-0.05mm
X-Y Axis Resolution : 0.02mm
Z Axis Resolution : 0.02mm
R Axis Resolution : 0.09 degree
Component size : 1.0mm × 0.5mm to 20mm × 18mm
Component Sense : Vision detection
Programming : Easy programming (option CAD import)
Operation system : Windows 7 based
Support language : English (mult language support)
Air Pressure : 5.5 bar
Standard Voltage : 220V(AC)
Power : 3700W
Approximate Net Weight : 850KG
Machine dimension : 1721mm × 2566mm × 1885mm ( W x D x H)

* We reserve the right to make changes without notice.

Demo movie


LED board assembly demostration for HD812V

LED board placement finished product effect for HD812V

Fast Capture Bottom Camera

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